Charting the course for viable Libertarian campaigns.

The Fremont County Libertarian Party and the “Libertarian Frontier Project” is a partnership between state, national, and county affiliates of the Libertarian Party. Our goal is to execute a strategy to achieve regional success. The LFP is singularly focused on winning partisan elections in the state of Wyoming, and replicating that success in real time throughout the Libertarian Frontier region from Big Sky Country in Montana, to the red rocks of Utah.

In 2018, LFP led the campaign for Bethany Baldes, helping her to come within 53 votes of unseating the Republican Majority Leader in the Wyoming State House. Since then, we have helped elect or place several city councilors and appointed Libertarians, as well as assisting state leadership teams in achieving their goals. . With your help we can continue to put Libertarians on the path to victory!


Libertarian Frontier Project

A partnership with the Libertarian National Committee, several state affiliates, and their county affiliates. Learn more about the project now!